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  picture of a dietitian teaching young women about making healhy food choices

Making Smarter Food Decisions

Nutrition information is always changing, but there are certain essentials to healthy eating and shopping for healthy foods that everyone needs to know. That's why the Women's Heart Foundation developed Shopping for a Healthy Heart.

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Shopping for a Healthy Heart teaches the basics about heart-healthy eating and food preparation and empowers consumers to make healthier food choices right at the grocery store shelf. Started in 2002, the program was widely implemented in February 2003, in commemoration of National Women's Heart Week, and further developed by dietitians at three hospital institutions, in cooperation with the Women's Heart Foundation, under the direction of its chief dietitian consultant. Dietitians were represented from the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, Ocean County Hospital and Newark Beth Israel Medical Center in New Jersey, implementing the program at three grocery stores around the state, including Wegmans in West Windsor Township and Kings Supermarket in Verona.

In 2005, this successful program became an exciting high school field trip for sophomore girls enrolled in the Trenton Central High School Teen Esteem© program, coordinated through Wegmans and the UMDNJ School of Health Related Professionals Dietetic Internship Program. Each of the dietitians took charge of one of the five food stations and rounded one hundred and ten students through the store over a two-hour period with instructions on how to read and interpret food labels, where to locate healthier foods, and what makes a food “heart-healthy” or not. The students sampled food products donated by vendors, completed the Shopping for a Healthy Heart quiz and enjoyed a delicious heart-healthy lunch served from Wegmans Food Court. Store manager Todd Allen coordinated the entire day in cooperation with the Women's Heart Foundation, the Teen Esteem© health and fitness program at Trenton Central High School and the UMDNJ School of Dietetic Internships.

Shopping for a Healthy Heart© is available to Women's Heart Foundation Health Partners. A nominal annual copyrights fee applies, accepted as a donation, to cover administrative costs. For more information, contact us.



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