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What is "The Gender Care Initiative"? It is the action toward achieving the goal of evidence-based gender-specific care to improve women's outcomes. This applies to women of all ages and stages of life, and to heart disease in all areas of care and medicine.

"Gender medicine is the practice of medicine that takes into account not only sex - the biophysical characteristics that affect disease manifestation, care and treatment, but also social roles and the distinctions between men and women of a society and socio-cultural norms and experiences, expressed through values, psychosocial characteristics and behaviors - all of which have an impact on health and disease," says Dr. Barbara Reigel, Associate Professor of the School of Nursing at the University of Pennsylvania.

Marianne J. Legato, MD, founder of the Partnership for Women's Health at Columbia University further explains - "The sex hormones affect every cell in the human body, so there are male and female hearts, male and female livers, male and female blood vessels, brains, skin cells, and so on. Gender medicine respects these differences and applies them to the science of gender-specific medicine and the vital differences (that need to be incorporated) in care practices."

Since June 1992, the Women's Heart Foundation (WHF) has held numerous conferences on gender-specific healthcare and medicine, partnering with esteemed hospitals, universities and world renowned cardiologists to bring its message to the medical community and worldwide. The WHF provides this continuing education without charge in order to advance its mission of heart disease prevention, improved survival and quality of life. We welcome you to take the Gender Care courses that appear on this website, and share this link freely with all practitioners through facebook, linkedin, pinterest, 4Square, email, bulleting boards and all other social media.

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