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The Women's Heart Foundation is a 501c3 dedicated to prevention, survival and quality of life. WHF accomplishes its mission through education and advocacy. We support prevention projects and promote The Gender Care InitiativeŽ to achieve excellence of care of women. Executive nurses, civic leaders, women survivors and sponsors can respond with one voice to the health crisis of women's heart disease. Funding is through Memorials and Tributes and community-sponsored events.

Learn about your personal risk for heart disease by taking the Women's Heart Risk QuizWHF red heart corporate logo

Read Heart Survivor Stories and about those we've lost to heart disease

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-   February 1-7 is Women's Heart Week. Click here for free programs to celebrate the month.
-   April 1-7 is Medication Safety Week. Follow the 7 focus days!
-   HBO special -"Heartfelt Standup", with Rosie O'Donnell. Learn what HEPPP means
-   Go to our Youtube, Facebook and Twitter for the latest news.
-  Youtube TALK by Dr. Stephen Sinatra - "Should I take a Statin?"
-  TED TALK by Dr. Noel Bairey Merz - discusses new heart diagnostics for women
-  TED TALK by Dr. Joel Furhman - discusses how to eat to prevent and reverse heart disease
-  Women get their own stroke guidelines - AHA
-  Speak Up! Help prevent medical errors
-  Learn Continuous Chest Compression CPR
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