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A Woman’s Heart

by Nancy Perez

Her heart is like a pocket

Stitched deep within her chest

Inside she stores her treasures

Some are broken, many blessed.

In her heart she has carried

Much joy and much sorrow

With sadness and gladness

She awaits each new tomorrow

In that heart, there were burdens

That seemed would never cease

Until one day, it grew sadder

It developed Heart Disease

Now the woman who possesses it

Has one new heart’s desire

To share with you the “Heart Truth”

To enlighten and inspire

“Be your own Advocate”

You’ll hear her confession,

“Don’t let anyone tell you,

It’s just indigestion.”

“You’re young, you’re a woman,

What else could it be?”

That’s what she was told

And now - just look and see

She has a tiny treasure,

Placed there- close to her heart

It’s a stent and it has given

Her life a fresh new start.

She’s a woman; she’s a mother,

Sister, daughter and a wife

She’s also a Best Friend to

All the women in her life.

My best friend, Lois Trader

Has written down her story

To share with you the “Heart Truth”

To God be all the Glory!

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