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PDF Health Library - English

Cards for Life - A Personal Health Record for every member of your family
Medication Record
Health History Record
Child Immunizations Record and Milestones
Organ Donor Card

WHF Healthy Heart Guides
Better Healthcare Communication
Get Smart About Cigarette Smoking
Reading Food Labels is Easy
Women's Heart Risk Check
How to Quit Smoking
Heart Attack- An Action Plan for Women
Panic Attack or Heart Attack? Diagnosing Heart Disease in Women
Taking Your Blood Pressure
Pathway for a Healthy Heart
Taking Medications
Taking Coumadin® at Home
Living with Mindfulness

WHF Powerpoints for Community Presentation
Eating for a Healthy Heart - pdf format
Our Children's Health - Making a difference at home and school - pdf format
Cleaning Out Your Medicine Cabinet - pdf format
Medication Safety - Facts, Fiction and Fundamentals - pdf format
Stretching Exercises - pdf format

WHF Shopping for a Healthy Heart
Breads and Cereals Guide
Fish Guide
Fruits and Vegetables Guide
Snacks Guide
Dairy Guide

3-Day Diet and Exercise Log
2-Day Diet and Exercise Log w/Instructions
Labwork Log
Modifying Recipes to Reduce Saturated Fat and Cholesterol
Mediterranean Diet
Determine Your Nutritional Health
Living With Mindfulness
Walking Your Way to Better Health
Caregiver's Care Plan
Women's Stroke Risk Check
Questions to Ask if Considering Heart Surgery


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