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Designing an Exercise Calendar

– a fitness plan for life

Below is a sample exercise calendar. Use this model to design one that works for you.

Day of the Week Activity
    window shop in center city
Monday two women taking a brisk walk
    take a 60-minute walk with a friend
Tuesday woman in bathing suit drying self off
    go swimming at the gym
Wednesday woman playing tennis
    play tennis or walk the mall
Thursday woman exercising on stationery bike
    use my exercise bike for 30 minutes
Friday woman doing floor exercises
    do my work–out video tape for 30 minutes
Saturday woman planting flowers in garden
    catch up on gardening and housework

Using principles to build on

  • Make an Investment in yourself and your health. Understand the benefits of progression of exercise. Begin at a level appropriate for your fitness level.
  • Enjoy the training/exercise benefits.
  • Set realistic short–term and long–term goals.
  • Build a success–oriented perspective.
  • Talk yourself into success.
  • Emphasize commitment by signing a contract.
  • Discuss with family, friends and those who have made exercise a lifestyle.
  • Team up with a partner.
  • Keep records of you success through an exercise log.
  • Establish a regular schedule that fits into your life.
  • Make exercise fun and varied.
  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle balance.
  • Anticipate obstacles and prepare for potential lapses in your program

No matter which of these principles you use to build your exercise program´s staying power, apply each one with sensitivity to your needs and to the uniqueness of your personality. Just as the kind of exercise you choose should fit your lifestyle, so also should the techniques you use to make it a lifelong habit.

Note: Consult with your doctor before starting an exercise program.

This exercise page was contributed by Kathleen B. Williamson, M.S., R.N.,C., Coordinator of  Cardiopulmonary Fitness Program at Capital Health System, Trenton, NJ.

Grateful acknowledgement to Health Impressions for graphic of two women walkers. Used with permission.



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