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Heart Disease is the number one killer of American women. Recognizing symptoms and risks, making lifestyle changes and getting timely care can save a woman's life. Women's Heart Week is a national outreach campaign aimed at improving women's outcomes from this deadly disease.

Women's Heart Week
Expanding the message

The Women's Heart Foundation has located many new partners over the past twelve years and welcomes Curves® for Women - now participating in Women's Heart Week free heart risk screens and Women's Well Days, giving women ”The Well Days Advantage“, for those seeking better health for themselves and for their families.

Sixteen New Jersey hospitals are implementing WHF programs with it newest partner being St. Joseph's Hospital and Regional Medical Center, helping to take the health message forward about women's heart disease.

WHF urges hospitals to open their doors to women during National Heart Month to offer free heart health assessments and screens, starting February 1 - National Women's Heart Health Day, and to conduct other wellness activities during the month. We encourage health professionals to use the 7 Focus Days of Women's Heart Week as a guide for heart wellness in women:
  • Feb 1: Risk and Symptoms Awareness
  • Feb 2: Exercise and Fitness
  • Feb 3: Nutrition and Supplements
  • Feb 4: Holistic Health and Stress Management
  • Feb 5: Medication Safety
  • Feb 6: Health Care Self-Management
  • Feb 7: Positive Self-Image
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