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August 2012
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From the director
Bonnie Arkus 
Happy New Year to our friends and sponsors! We look forward to working with you another year to advance heart health, wellness and prevention. Feb. 1-7 is Women's Heart Week and the WHF has been busy planning outreach with its partners. First recognized by a proclamation from then-Governor Christie Whitman in 1994, the Week focuses on awareness-raising activities.

Women's Heart Week is the perfect time to announce WHF's support of the DHHS MILLION HEARTS Campaign to reduce the number of deaths from heart disease and stroke by one million over the next 5 years. Please join us in this effort by sharing the heart health message during Women's Heart Week with friends, family and co-workers, and by committing to healthy changes. You can also join in by sending an e-Valentine with donation to honor a special woman's heart. Take care of your heart.
Bonnie Arkus, R.N.
Heart month happenings
  • The POINT independent radio station in VT is delivering heart health messages to its listeners as part of an education campaign in collaboraton with the WHF. more
  • Acereel Studio in PA is conducting outreach to churches and stores with scripted messaging campaign and skits, delivered by SMOOCHES models. more
  • Students and staff at Sanford Brown in NY are planning a campus-wide outreach to promote the WHF Purple Ribbon Campaign and raise funds for the WHF
  • FREE LISTING of your heart month event. Send happening date, time, locaton, plus any associated fees to
  • Send an e-Valentine through ebay Giving Works and donate to The Women's Heart Foundation. more

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  • WHF Director attends National Leadership Summit as a Patient Representative

    Women's Heart Foundation president Bonnie presented at the 2nd annual National Leadership Summit on Comparative Effectiveness Research October 26 lending the patient's perspective. Joining her team were two other heart patients, Erin P. and Lisa R. Ms. Arkus spoke to the lack of a safe and effective non-invasive test for diagnosing heart disease and how this jeopardizes patient safety, especially in women. She advocated Summit Leaders to consider the Multifunction Cardiogram (MCG) as a viable alternative diagnostic, far more reliable than the stress test, and far safer as MCG uses no dyes, X-ray or isotope, and offers an impressive 94% negative predictive value (NPV) for accurate diagnosis of ischemic heart disease. MCG could reduce the incidence of patients undergoing the cardiac catheterization procedure needlessly, a risky invasive procedure that involves use of dyes, Xray and nuclear isotope. Studies show cardiac catheterization is being overutilized in the United States, contributing to excessive healthcare costs. more

    Teen Esteem goes "Green", collard green that is
    Snap-Ed Aide Ebony Porter delivered a fun and healthy nutrition program to our tenth grade Teen Esteemers last week at Trenton Central High. After giving a brief history lesson on collard green recipes that date back to the origins of soul food and the influence of French Cajun seasonings, she prepared the healthy greens with the girls and discussed the many nutritious benefits of this and other dark green leafy vegetables. The program helped celebrate History Month and a remembrance day of Dr. Martin Luther King. Homemade cornbread completed the meal. GO GREENS!

    Research updates

    Desiccated Thyroid Hormone Toxic to Heart
    Higher Cholesterol Cardio-protective in Women
    Conflicts of Interest Abound in Diabetes and Hyperlipidemia Guidelines Committees
    Supplements can adversely affect Women

    Detox your heart
    green smoothie 
    You probably learned about it from The Doctor Oz Show, and you've heard testimonials from President Clinton claiming it helped him reverse his own heart disease. The benefits are many, with feedback like "tremendous increase in energy", "thinking more clearly" and "feeling great". Isn't it about time you gave it a try?

    This is what a green smoothie looks like. The web offers a variety of different recipes but you'll want to limit your ingredients to raw fruits and vegetables... no milk or milk products. Start with the purchase of a good juicer (i.e Breville) or emulsifier-blender (i.e. Healthmaster), and a simple raw spinach recipe. Place into the blender or juicer: two handfuls of organic baby spinach, half a pear or apple, 1/4 -inch wedge of lemon, one raw carrot, two handfuls of ice cubes and a cup of water. Hit "Blendarize" for 30 seconds and voila -- Green Smoothie. Click here for more green smoothie recipes.

    For more information and a bounty of recipes and coaching support, read "The Raw Food Detox Diet" by Natalia Rose, available on

    Network of support for women's hearts

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    MCG Locator for risk-free and accurate diagnosis of ischemic heart disease* open discussion groups on women's heart disease
    - Women's Heart Foundation is on MySpace
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    $30 Women's Heart Risk assessment at Women's Heart Center, St. Joseph's MC, NJ
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    Imagine a world without heart attacks or strokes.

    Imagine free fitness opportunities for a lifetime at your local high school -- a hub of wellness and fitness activities offering adult-child intramural sports, free swim in an Olympic pool, a place to connect, practice yoga or tai chi, be well.

    Imagine having access to a risk-free noninvasive accurate 5-minute test to learn the status of your heart health.

    Please consider making a donation to the Women's Heart Foundation and help us build a world without heart disease.

    Upcoming conferences
    April 12-14, 2012: PCNA 18th Annual Symposium, Washington, DC
    June 24-28, 2012: DIA 48th Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA

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