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October 2011
Prevention, Survival, Quality of Life
From the director
Bonnie Arkus 
October is the month that we usually think about breast cancer, but did you know that heart disease kills six times as many women as breast cancer? And that LUNG cancer, not BREAST cancer, is the biggest cancer killer of women? Cigarette smoking is chiefly to blame, wreaking havoc with women's hearts, lungs and lives. So this October, let's also celebrate by caring for our hearts.
Bonnie Arkus, R.N.
Attend the CVD National Leadership Summit in Baltimore Oct 26-27

The Women's Heart Foundation will be a participant at the 2nd annual National Leadership Summit on Comparative Effectiveness Research, with representation from women survivors of heart disease to respond to issues of diagnostic testing in CVD, various therapeutic modalities, clinical research and translating evidence into practice. The summit brings together stakeholders, scientists, researchers and members of the patient community. Over 200 attendees are expected. Supporters include AstraZeneca, Abbott Vascular, Boston Scientific, Covidien, GlaxoSmithKline. Collaborators of the Summit are the American College of Cardiology, American Heart Association and the WHF. For information or to register, go to

Teen Esteem enters its eighth year at TCHS
Teen Esteemers Cycling 
Tenth grade girls at Trenton Central High excitedly signed up for TEEN ESTEEM, an all-girl gym-alternative program and class that is co-managed by the Women's Heart Foundation. With lead teacher Ms. Kelley at the helm, the students learn about what it means to follow a healthy lifestyle. The girls participate in a structured workout routine three days a week that includes cardio-dance, boxing, karate and free weights. They learn how to practice yoga and mindfulness as tools to reduce stress and they prepare healthy foods each week in the Teen Esteem kitchen. As a collaborator, WHF engages a personal trainer, coordinates the nutrition curriculum and arranges for expert presenters and mentors from area colleges and universities. Teen Esteem was founded in 2004 with seed money provided by the state of New Jersey. The WHF has become expert at tracking health indicators in students and initiating referrals. Teen Esteem has been shown to lower the number of risks associated with the metabolic syndrome - a precursor to diabetes. A serendipitous finding: the program also helps keep students in school to graduate. TEEN ESTEEM ROCKS!

Research updates

Obesity Worse for Teen Girls' Blood Pressure
Conflicts of Interest Abound in Diabetes and Hyperlipidemia Guidelines Committees
Nasally-inhaled Insulin May Slow Alzheimers'

Detox your heart
Mimi Kirk 
At age 72, it's hard to believe that Mimi Kirk won "The Sexiest Vegetarian" PETA award in the "Over 50" category, but that's only the beginning of this story. Ms. Kirk starts each day with a tall glass of lemon water. She then has a big green blendarized drink full of cucumber, celery, spinach and fruit, like apples, pears or pineapple. She says she feels better now than she did years ago and believes she has reversed the aging process. She stopped eating meat and became totally vegetarian when she was 30 years old "for spirtual reasons". As she aged, she became more aware of signs of aging, and three years ago, became a total raw-vegan to take advantage of the live enzymes in foods. She says she noticed a complete change in her health and has lots of energy. Looking nearly twenty years younger than her chronological age, Mimi Kirk shares her views on good health on Youtube The sexy septagenarian just wrote a book "Live Raw" - available on Amazon for $11.53. Bill Clinton follows a similar plan and says he has healed himself after having heart bypass surgery. He claims he has more energy than ever, and shed unwanted pounds. It's time we all wised up and returned to good health. You are what you eat.

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Imagine a world without heart attacks or strokes.

Imagine free fitness opportunities for life at your local high school -- a hub of wellness and fitness activities offering adult-child intramural sports, free swim in an Olympic pool, a place to connect, practice yoga or tai chi, be well.

Imagine having access to a risk-free noninvasive accurate 5-minute test to learn the status of your heart health.

Please consider making a donation to the Women's Heart Foundation and help us build a world without heart disease.

Upcoming events
Oct 26-27, 2011: 2nd Annual CER Summit - CMTP Leadership on C-V Disease, Baltimore, MD
April 12-14, 2012: PCNA 18th Annual Symposium, Washington, DC
June 24-28, 2012: DIA 48th Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA

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