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Helping you take care of your heart June 2009
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6th Annual WHF Run a Big Success!
WHF's 6th Annual Mother's Day 5k 'Run for Mom' attracted serious runners, survivors and families looking for a great way to spend time together while honoring mom. Two-time Guinness Book World Record holder, and journalist Kimi Puntillo was a featured guest. She autographed copies of her Great Races Incredible Places. more

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What a great Mother's Day event we had last month with 350 community members attending the 6th annual Run for Mom 5k Walk and Run! The day began with the reading of a proclamation from Governor Jon S. Corzine, in commemoration of National Women's Health Week. Mercer County Executive Brian Hughes shared his story of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) - an episode that he experienced last year. The near fatal event took place when he dropped right in front of a neighbor's home. Fortunate for Executive Hughes, an ambulance just happened to be around the corner when the neighbor made the 9-1-1 call. Mr. Hughes stressed the need for greater access to Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) in set locations throughout the county and said this effort is underway. We are grateful to West Windsor EMTs for being on standby for the Run and to squad captain Joe Gibbons who performed a brief demonstration of how an AED works. Joe said that it is virtually impossible to make a mistake with an AED because the machine will not discharge a shock unless it is truly needed. Click here to view an online video on proper use of an AED. Executive Hughes, as Grand Marshall, launched the race with a shotgun start. It was an exciting finish as runners swept around the bend and toward the chute. Thirty-three year-old Jaime Mora of Trenton took first place in the men's division with a time of 18 min 6 sec. and twenty-two year-old Rebecca Pierson of Princeton took first place in the women's division with a time of 20 minutes 16 sec., each winning $150 cash. Parents watched with glee and video camera in hand as their child raced to the finish line of the Kids' Fun Run. Every child was awarded a "WHF FIT KID" certificate and bouncy ball prize.

As another school year draws to a close, the WHF is finishing up data collection for its 5th consecutive year at Teen Esteem - working with the 10th grade girls at the Trenton Central High School to effect healthy lifestyle choices. This is where we can reap the most rewards with early intervention and wellness. To further this movement, I have been asked to present at the School Nurses International Conference on "Creating Wellness Programs in Schools". The sold-out conference is set to take place July 31 at Monmouth University. Click here to download the conference brochure.

If you would like to Host a Change Meeting in your home or community to discuss health, healthcare and the possibilities, and you would like WHF as a partner, please contact bonnie@womensheart.org with specific dates and information. Together, we can improve the lives of women and families in America.

Take Care of Your Heart. 
Bonnie Arkus
Bonnie Arkus, RN
Executive Director and Founder
The Women's Heart Foundation, a 501c3 charity, is the only non-governmental organization that implements heart disease prevention projects and is dedicated to improving survival and quality of life. Founded 1989. Incorporated June 11, 1992. Please support the WHF wellness and prevention programs. Donate at www.womensheart.org
Implementing Wellness in Schools; Thinking Differently about Education
Arne Duncan, Education Secretary, was recently interviewed by Charlie Rose about expanding wellness opportunities by opening our schools to our citizens. He said "Our schools need to be open 10,12,14 hours a day for a wide variety of activities for children and adults and families. When schools become the center of community life, great things happen. Schools are great physical resources and they belong to the citzens of the community. There has been a lack of creativity and a lack of understanding. Our society has changed and our schools have not kept pace. It is about thinking differently. Unprecedented resources can come to the table; be creative; what if the school partnered with a great non-profit to provide after-school programs and services to the community, even medical resources". More at youtube. Click here to view video.

One Woman's Story:  Health Educator Suffers Heart Attack During Wellness Presentation
When 49-year-old Michelle Becker suffered shortness of breath, stabbing chest pain and pain down her arm, she knew the signs of a heart attack, yet she still did not attribute her own symptoms as being heart-related. Were it not for a nurse colleague, she would not have received the emergency care that saved her life. Her message to all: "Ignoring symptoms is never the best response". more


Find a Heart Friend The Women's Heart Foundation (WHF) and the Friends' Health Connection have teamed up to help women with heart disease find a friend who has had a similar health experience. This type of mentoring one-on-one support can help bring about healing and restore confidence in one's health. Friends' Health Connection was founded in 1988 by Roxanne Black-Weisheit. Roxanne was diagnosed with a condition called Lupus at the tender age of 15. She said she felt isolated, fearful and alone in dealing with her diagnosis, and so she proceeded to contact hospitals and health professionals to find others with the same condition around the same age as she. It helped her immensely to feel less lonely. In college, even though she had no funding, she decided to expand her efforts by offering a free telephone support service to match patients by diagnosis, gender and need. Thanks to funding by J&J, The Friends' Health Connection is now a national organization and thousands of individuals with health challenges have found renewed hope, strength and support from friendships made through Friends'. Many people have become best friends. Find a Heart Friend will be a featured service in all future issues of Women's Heart Foundation e-newsletters with a listing under the Networking section. By the way, Friends' Health Connection is not limited to heart disease support. You can find a friend for Mutiple Sclerosis, breast cancer, HIV, arthritis, autoimmune disease, and many other medical conditions and health challenges. We urge all women survivors of heart disease to take advantage of this valuable service and to reach out to heart sisters. It's easy to make the connection. Just click here. Do it today. Thank you, Roxanne, for bringing a Friend to Women's Heart.


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Stacey Mignone 
Volunteer Corner  Confident. Kind. Intelligent. Strong. Those are the words that describe Stacey Mignone. Stacey works full-time with the state of New Jersey as ticket sales manager at the Patriot Theater. Part-time she works as a personal trainer at several fitness franchises located in central New Jersey. Ten years ago, Stacey weighed nearly 300 pounds. Through a determined spirit and positive attitude, she embraced wellness and began to lose weight and get her life back on track. Once she achieved her fitness goals, she became certified as a personal trainer. Stacey has volunteered for the WHF on many occasions and in many capacities over the past six years, leading warm-ups at the annual RUN, teaching cardio-dance to Teen Esteemers at Trenton High and even holding fund raisers for WHF. Pictured here is Stacey quietly reading a proclamation from the Governor in commemoration of National Women's Heart Week in New Jersey. THANK YOU, Stacey, for your time, commitment and caring so deeply for women's hearts.