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March is National Nutrition Month and there has never been more concern about America's diet and health with 60 million people suffering from obesity or being overweight, 9 million of whom are children. This is an oppressive national  epidemic that is crushing our healthcare system. Former Surgeon General Richard Carmona, M.D., says that we must take a tandem approach to obesity as it is intrinsically linked to socio-economic factors such as latch-key children, sendentary games like playstation instead of playground activities, the unavailability of healthy foods, and even the lack of  shelter... all play a role in the growing epidemic of obese children. Dr. Carmona describes this as the "terror within" that threatens to destroy America with a magnitude that will be far worse than the terror of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center - and we are doing it to ourselves. As experts battle about what's causing our children to be the fattest generation in history, WHF is releasing new tools and information to help parents advocate for much needed change. Dr. Carmona is calling for a paradigm shift to to rewarding wellness and prevention programs that result in behavior change (see article below "WHF Expands PDF Health Library") One thing is clear: we must work together as a nation to help reverse this disgraceful trend.  View the online video presentation by Dr. Carmona detailing what we must do to restore our children's health.
In case you missed it, WHF held a terrific Red Dress Luncheon with awards to honor outstanding women's heart advocates in our state on February 1 at the Trenton Marriott Hotel, marking our organization's 15th annual Women's Heart Week and Heart Month celebration. With the theme for women to "Be The Change", the momentous occasion was recognized with a proclamation by Governor Corzine, presented by the New Jersey Commissioner of Health Heather Howard, with one hundred and twenty women leaders of New Jersey in attendance.  read more and view event photos.
Next month, WHF celebrates Medication Safety Week April 1-7, with the release of more new life-saving tools for you. And, May is our Mothers Day 5k Run for Mom. Sign up today and Be the Change. Take Care of Your Heart. 
Teen Esteem exercises
Bonnie Arkus, RN
Executive Director and Founder
The Women's Heart Foundation, a 501c3 charity, is the only non-governmental organization that implements heart disease prevention projects and is dedicated to improving survival and quality of life. Founded 1989. Incorporated June 11, 1992. Please support the WHF wellness and prevention programs. Donate at www.womensheart.org
Gerri, Jim, Bonnie, Connie 
Teen Esteem Goes "Shopping for a Healthy Heart"    WHF commemorated National Nutrition Month by organizing a field trip for fifty 10th grade girls from Trenton High Teen Esteem program to go "Shopping for a Healthy Heart". This half-day learning adventure took place at the ACME grocery store with collaborative health partner - the UMDNJ Dietetic Internship Program. Fifteen dietician interns gave personalized attention to the Teen Esteemers at five different food stations. The consumer-based program helps teen girls learn where to locate healthier food selections in the store and how to read and interpret food labels. WHF is gratefull to the UMDNJ student interns, clinical coordinator Ms. Geri McKay, and ACME of Lawrenceville manager Kevin Driscoll.  "This is such a positive clinical experience for our interns" said Ms. McKay. "They learn how to communicate nutrition needs to teens and show the high school students the many different food choices". Mr. Driscoll says the grocery store is honored to be the selected site by the WHF. "We like to get involved in the community and this program helps kids learn how to eat healthier", he said. The store also takes an active part by contacting vendors who provide free samples for the students to take home. Post-event, Teen Esteemers were treated to a nutritious heart-healthy luncheon in the Teen Esteem classroom. Pictured above is (L-R), Ms. Mckay, Bonnie Arkus, Kevin Driscoll, and teacher Connie Kelley. full story with photos
Alexian Brothers Live at Home and WHF Team up for Medication Safety Week April 1-7 
Know your medication and what it is for. That is the primary message for a March 31, 2009 outreach to take place at the North River Civic Center in Hixson, TN. Dr. Ann Rybolt, MD, Board Certified Specialist, Geriatrics Medicine, University Medical Associates, UT Internal Medicine will be the featured presenter in "What the Doctor Ordered." Dr. Rybolt will give partipants a prescription for a $200 billion dollar problem -- ranking above Heart Disease, Cancer, Alzheimer's Disease, and Diabetes, according to recent data from America's Senior Care Pharmacists. "Adverse drugs events are a large public health problem", she said "and there are ways to combat this problem". That's why Live At Home in association with the Women's Heart Foundation Medication Safety Week and in partnership with Dr. Ann Rybolt, the American Heart & Stroke Association and the Mid-South Alzheimer's Association will provide participants with tools needed to correctly manage, monitor and store medications.  more
WHF Expands PDF Health Library to offer new Community Presentations  The WHF is pleased to announce today the release of new community wellness and education programs for health professionals to deliver to the public. Available at its PDF Health Library page are the following ppts:
  1. Eating for a Healthy Heart (commemorates National Nutrition Month in March) 
  2. Our Children's Health - Making a difference at home and school
  3. Medication Safety: Facts, Fiction and Fundamentals
  4. Cleaning out your Medicine Cabinet (commemorates the first day of Medication Safety Week which starts on April 1 each year)
  5. Stretching Exercises.

WHF is also making available its new 11x17 poster of the Mediterranean Pyramid that may be downloaded in full color and used by school educators. Each of the program presentations above was assembled by a multi-disciplinary team of health experts and subjected to peer review. go to health library

angela kubisky 
Wake-up Call to Heart Disease Prompts Diet and Lifestyle Changes
On March 16, 2007, Angela Kubisky, 41, woke up with severe chest pain and extreme exhaustion. Recognizing these symptoms as possibly heart related, she immediately got her husband to take her to the emergency room where she received prompt treatment. Two days in the hospital and numerous tests later, her physician informed her she had not had a heart attack, rather she was suffering from stress, a muscle strain in the chest, and all the side effects of being overweight. At 5'1", Kubisky weighed in at 163 pounds. "I was transitioning in my career and working long hours to take care of many important things, except for one - ME."  more

Retired Heart Surgeon Speaks Out About the Missing Dietary Link to Heart Disease and Inflammation  You've heard about it on television... Hugh Downs introducing a new book about heart disease prevention and the untold stories. Here is the author: Dr. Dwight Lundell. Dr. Lundell is the past Chief of Staff and Chief of Surgery at Banner Heart Hospital, Mesa, AZ. His private practice, Cardiac Care Center was in Mesa, AZ. Recently Dr. Lundell left surgery to focus on the nutritional treatment of heart disease. He is the founder of Healthy Humans Foundation that promotes human health with a focus on helping large corporations promote wellness. He is the author of The "Cure for Heart Disease" and "The Great Cholesterol Lie" as he attempts to clarify the role of the healthy fats in the prevention of heart disease. Click here to read Dr. Lundell's two-part article.

Networking Events 
News Headlines
Volunteer Corner WHF is pleased to recognize intern Rahbbea Glover from The College of New Jersey. Rahbbea is a bachelor of science candidate from the School of Nursing, Health and Exercise Science and is scheduled to graduate in May. Rahbbea will be working with the Teen Esteem students to create new cardio-dance workout routines that she herself will choreograph for the 10th grade girls. WELCOME, Rahbbea! 
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