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Helping you take care of your heart December 2008
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Raising the Bar for Girl Health
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You're Invited to
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Sunday, Feb 1, 2009 
12 Noon  -  3:00 PM
Hotel Marriott at Lafayette Yard, Trenton, NJ
Lunch, DJ with dancing, red dress fashions, door prizes and live entertainment
Cost: $25 per person
 Download invitational flyer and information at www.womensheart.org

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Dear Women's Heart Supporters,

This year has been an exciting one of change, and we at Women's Heart Foundation are proud to be an integral part of it. Our campaign began in 1989 to improve women's heart care and we continue to support women through education and health and wellness programs. Our Teen Esteem Health and Fitness program is a heart disease prevention project administered collaboratively with schools. It is the first of its kind and includes consumerism, hands-on preparation of heart-healthy foods, a personal trainer, personalized health information and much more. Teen Esteem has become a model gym alternative with 100% student participation. Our mission is to provide programs in every school and in every community so that all may benefit. Schools, particularly high schools, are a natural place for prevention programs to take place. The school community is already a community of wellness, supported by teachers, parents, students and staff, endowed by tax-payors. Our goal for the coming year is to expand this program. Funding for prevention remains scare. Won't you consider an end-of-year gift to the Women's Heart Foundation to bring health, wellness and prevention to others?  Whether you are a concerned parent, a woman affected by heart disease or a health professional, you can become part of positive change. It's time to institute prevention programs that work to lower healthcare costs. Now is your chance to help millions of Americans through your tax deductible gift. Commemorate this last day of 2008 by making a donation. Take care of your heart.

Teen Esteem exercises
Bonnie Arkus, RN
Executive Director and Founder
The Women's Heart Foundation, a 501c3 charity, is the only non-governmental organization that implements heart disease prevention projects and is dedicated to improving survival and quality of life. Founded 1989. Incorporated June 11, 1992. Please support the WHF wellness and prevention programs. Donate at www.womensheart.org
Survey:  Schools need a better way to monitor students' health risks and set forth a plan for intervention
WHF President Bonnie Arkus recently presented at the NJEA convention in Atlantic City November 6 on "Raising the Bar for Girl Health" to a receptive audience of school nurses and health educators where she conducted a mini-survey to examine beliefs and perceptions of health educators regarding the risks of school children related to obesity and an unhealthy lifestyle. Relevant results of the survey are outlined below: 
  • 100% of the survey participants agree there are more children with behavior problems now than in past years
  • 94% agree skipped meals contribute to inattentiveness, poor performance and discipline problems
  • 88% believe all students should be offered free breakfast, regardless of family income
  • 82% believe their school's cafeteria needs an overhaul
  • 88% believe that schools should incorporate a healthy lifestyles component into existing health and physical education curriculum
  • 82% believe gender-specific health and physical education classes are needed for adolescents
  • 100% agree schools need a better way to monitor health risks and have a plan in place for intervention.
Survey participants consisted of 17 health educators, seven of whom were school nurses, eight health and physical education teachers and two math teachers. 
Dr Mandaza 
WHF and TCHS welcome  international visitors to Teen Esteem
WHF was honored to have a visit earlier this month from Dr. Tawanda Mandaza of Zimbabwe and his assistant, Katie of CARE International. They were greeted by Trenton Central High School staff and the Teen Esteem students. Motivated to finding out more about the Teen Esteem program, Dr. Mandaza learned just how vital this program is to students like Chelsea and others who credit Teen Esteem with helping them gain new confidence, make lifestyle changes and achieve their goals. Dr. Mandaza is in search of a school-based program to implement in his country, and believes the Teen Esteem program is the best public health model he has found so far. Dr. Mandaza teaches at American University and is an expert in public health. more

Raising the Bar for Girl Health

WHF president and executive director Bonnie Arkus, RN presented on the Women's Heart Foundation (WHF) Teen Esteem Health and Fitness program November 6 in Atlantic City at the NJEA Convention. The prevention project continues to demonstrate positive trending for reducing heart disease risk factors in vulnerable adolescent girls. Ms. Arkus discussed the methodology for collecting and sharing health data in the school setting, the research tools used for the project and the research results.  Ms. Arkus also discussed the challenge of creating healthier communities and outlined action steps for towns, corporations, churches and schools to work together to improve the health of citizens. Click here to download a pdf of the Powerpoint notes from the presentation.

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Volunteer Corner
Richelle Heston has been volunteering at WHF events since 2004.  Richelle has staffed registration at all of the WHF Run for Mom events and most recently assisted in organizing the "Profiles in Courage" benefit in Princeton.  Richelle is a recent graduate from NJIT and is currently working for John Hutchison Architects in Pennington, NJ.  Richelle is always willing to help out at events and has often traveled from NJIT in Newark to volunteer and attend meetings. 
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