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Miss Massachusetts featured as WHF Spokeswoman on Long QT
Teen Esteem Health & Fitness
The Gender Care Initiative
Hearty Recipe
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May 26, 2007
Mercer County Park, NJ  
One-mile Health Walk: 9:15 a.m.; 5K Run at 10:00 a.m.  Registration Form  Register Online:www.PracticeHard.com
Presenting co-Sponsors: Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey and DHHS Region II Office on Women's Health. more
Featured presenter: Dr. Siddique "Sleep Disturbance and Stroke, Are you at Risk?"

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WHF, the only Non-Governmental Organization that designs and implements demonstration projects for the prevention of heart disease, thanks you for your support. WHF has nationally recognized programs acclaimed worldwide. Together, we're making great strides toward improving women's care. Please read on to see WHF dollars at work and how you can help.
Top Story
Miss Massachusetts featured in inaugural issue of INR magazine as WHF Spokeswoman on Long QT Rhythm Disturbance in Women
thumbnail Michaela Gagne  Beauty Queen Michaela Gagne was a teenager when she learned she had a rhythm disturbance that could take her life. She had to make lifestyle changes and now has an implantable defibrillator, but she feels very fortunate that she is now able to resume an active lifestyle. Young women may be at higher risk. It is essential for everyone to know signs and symptoms of Long QT. It can be both genetic and acquired, made worse by taking certain medications. She urges everyone to learn the early warning signs and what action to take. Self-advocacy is essential and early screenings with EKG prior to a youngster's engaging in active sports may prevent sudden death. Read her story. View INR magazine ad (pdf). Learn about drugs that affect long QT interval.
Teen Esteem Health & Fitness

Research Study on Adolescent Girls enters its Final Phase

For the past three years, Trenton Central High School has been the site for a demonstration project to measure the effect of a healthy lifestyles program on teen girls' health choices. In spite of  the restrictions of a school environment, researchers from the Rutgers University-Camden are finding positive results, even in the short-term. The complete study results are scheduled to be released in early fall.

The Gender Care Initiative
purple ribbon- logo for gender care    
WHF to Present at the 2nd International Congress for Gender Medicine June 2-3, 2007 in Vienna.  Register Now
Women's Heart Foundation will be presenting at the 2nd International Congress for Gender Medicine on its effective public health programs for reaching out to women about heart disease and influencing healthy lifestyle changes.  Dr. Kathleen Ashton will be representing the WHF at the Congress and report on the most recent research results on its highly successful healthy lifestyles program Teen Esteem Health & Fitness. Dr. Ashton serves as the principal investigator for the study.
Migraines during Pregnancy linked to Heart Disease and Stroke. Women who experience migraines while they're pregnant are significantly more likely to suffer a stroke, heart attack or other vascular problems, a new study suggests.Although many questions remain, there are steps women can take to protect themselves, said the authors of the study, to be presented Tuesday at the American Academy of Neurology annual meeting, in Boston. more source: www.healthday.org. Found May 07
Hearty Recipe
grilled Seafood
Tips for Grilling Seafood
...a summertime treat (from wegmans.com) 


  1. Mise en place - preheat grill on HIGH 10 min (if using charcoal grill, HIGH is barely gray coals with ash). Measure and prepare all ingredients; have ready to add. Drizzle both sides of seafood to lightly coat with basting oil. (Drizzling instead of brushing avoids contact with raw product and helps prevent cross-contamination.) Clean grill with wire brush. Using soft cloth, coat grill grate lightly with vegetable oil. A faint smoke indicates grill is ready. To prevent flare-ups, make sure oil doesn't drip into flames. Adjust heat (MEDIUM or LOW usually best for seafood).
  2. Sear seafood on grill, 1-3 min, until it has changed color about one-quarter of way up from bottom.Turn over, baste (brush seared side with basting oil). Sear 1-3 min..
  3. Cook. Turn over seafood; baste. Cook 1-3 min. Turn over again; baste. Check internal temperature by inserting thermometer halfway into thickest part
    of seafood. Seafood: Cook until internal temperature reaches 130 degrees.

  4. Finish. Transfer seafood to clean platter.
    Let rest at least 2 min.
    Option(s): Serve with whole wheat pasta or brown rice. Try varying recipe with a different selection of frozen and/or fresh vegetables.

Join us for the 4th Annual RUN FOR YOUR HEART. This is our time to come together as women and speak with one voice to raise awareness of women's heart disease and how it affects women differently. The 5K course is USTAF certified. We'll have children's activities, a DJ, post-event buffet and vendors with refurbished jewelry sales to benefit WHF. So come out and support a good cause while enjoying a great family event. Take Care of Your Heart!
thumbnail Bonnie 
Bonnie Arkus, RN
Executive Director and Founder
Bonnie Arkus, R.N.
WHF Executive Director
Women's Heart Foundation | 1901 N. Olden Avenue, Suite 6A | Trenton | NJ | 08618